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May 22, 2018

When you meet Onita, her power and strength are immediately recognized. Her voice is confident and truthful and her aura is bright and willing to fight.

Onita talks to us about fighting for causes since high school, as she and her brothers joined the Black Panthers and stuck their necks out for the movement and Huey P Newton. She moved food, furniture and people, ensuring they had their immediate needs met. She also provides some great insight into who was funding the movement. Onita has been in every movement that mattered to her; from black rights, women rights, gay rights and now, senior rights.

Sit back and listen to a mother and grandmother who has not been afraid to fight for a world her kids would be proud of. 

"Here is to you Onita" "Cheers"

Black Panther

1970s in LGBT rights

1970s Feminism

Legal Rights Of Senior Citizens