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Dec 3, 2017

On this episode of HEMPodcast we sit down with the beautiful and eloquent Peace-Warrior, Mary Lou Anderson.


Mary Lou is a spiritual leader and healer who has brought Light to many people in Las Vegas and abroad. The discussion takes us through her trip to Afghanistan, working with Voices of Creative Non-violence. We also learn who Code Pink women for peace are and what they do. We also discuss the Vegas Route 91 shooting, her role in The March Against Monsanto, Grow Your Own,  the amazing entity that is the Vegas Tribe, and the Role the Reclaimed LV played in all of it.

Sit back and enjoy the knowledge and wisdom of a true peace teacher.


Show links:

Drone (2014)


Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Vegas Tribe

Grow Your Own Festival

March Against Monsanto | It's Time To Take Our Planet Back

Reclaimed LV