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Oct 18, 2017

After recording the "Las Vegas Tragedy Remembrance" show we recorded a spontaneous and heartfelt cover of "Let It Be". 

Happy Earth Market dedicates this song to the victims of the Route 91 Festival and the Las Vegas community.

Please enjoy and I hope you feel the healing power we felt while recording.

Credits to:

Oct 15, 2017

On this special edition, of Happy Earth Market Podcast, we discuss the tragedy our city experienced on October 1rst, 2017. Where we were, our friends lost, our friends hurt, how we feel and how to move forward.

And a special "Let It Be" Cover

We love you Vegas!!

Love and Light.


Oct 13, 2017

Not sure how to describe this one. I just hope you enjoy a little hard boom-bap.

"It's all bullshit except the pain. The pain of hell. The burn from a lighted match increased a million times. Infinite. Now, ya don't fuck around with the infinite. There's no way you do that. The pain in hell has two sides. The kind you...

Oct 8, 2017

Sit back and enjoy the sounds of the Grow Your Own Festival's opening drum circle.

The beginning is a mix of it all. The middle is the drum circle in its entirety without edit. At the end, we had a little fun mixing it up..

Credit To:

Grow Your Own Team

Vegas Tribe

Mary Lou Anderson

Richard Kashanski

All the...